Sparrow first impressions
by Gremlin Adventures

Unpacking and setting up the Sparrow for it's very first hang.

Hangmat hangen
by RTL Nieuws

Our good friend Theo had the chance to share his love of hammock camping with a Dutch television news service. Good job Theo!

Tour and Interview
by Outdoor Adventures

Frozen from Outdoor Adventures paid a visit to our workshop last weekend. He was kind enough to record this video of the visit.

Raven review
by Backpacking With Jason

Jason takes us on a review and tour of his Raven hammock.

Darien Review
by Outdoor Adventures

Frozen from Outdoor Adventures shares his experiences with his Darien hammock.

Dream Hammock Raven
by Spiguyver Backpacking

Mark gives us a quick peek at his new hammock.

Dream Hammock is proud to announce that we are now a LoopAlien dealer.

Precision built outdoor hardware.
Guaranteed for Life.
100% Made in USA

Dream Hammock Darien
by Marko Hämäläinen


Overnight Hammock camping
by Josh Herod Outdoor Adventures

Quick over night hammock camp at local state park. I came out here to test out a few new pieces of gear. Had some good food over the fire and a nice relaxing night in the Dream Hammock.

by Onega

Josh gives us a peek at his custom FreeBird setup made with our 1.6oz HyperD XL

Quick setup of Dream Hammock Sparrow and Kelty Noah 12 Tarp
by Joshua Craig


Dream Hammock Raven
by OutLan

OutLan shows off his Raven hammock with a few of his own custom mods added in this very well done video.

Dream Hammock Sparrow Gear Sling and Peak Loft
by Spiguyver Backpacking

Mark shows us some storage upgrades to his Sparrow hammock.

DangerBird hammock setup
by Mark Douglas is outside

A brief time lapse video showing a DangerBird hammock being hung.

Continuous Loops - Locked Brummel versus Straight Splice
by Triple Nickel Outdoors

Nick takes a close look at a couple splicing techniques for continuous loops.

New summer hammock setup
by Stephen Escallier

Stephen walks us through his Summer setup, which includes a Dream Hammock Darien, Enlightened Equipment Revelation and Revolt 50° Climashield Apex, Myerstech Venom webbing suspension with soft shackles.

Darien first look
by Outdoor Adventures

Frozen shows off his new Darien and gives us a quick look at it's features.

February Ohio Hang

We were able to spend a little time visiting with the Ohio hangers this month. Great time sharing dinner with good people.

HangCon 18
Doe Lake Campground, Ocala National Forest

We had an awesome time down at HangCon this year visiting with friends and showing off our hammocks. Always a great hang with great people.

Kayaking at HangCon 18

The Dream Hammock crew took some time to go kayaking at Silver Springs State Park during our trip to HangCon 18 this year. We had a blast and can't wait to go back.

Cold weather gear testing
by Triple Nickel Outdoors

Nick takes us through a frigid night and reports on his hammock's overcover performance.

ThunderBird Review
by Triple Nickel Outdoors

My Dream Hammock Thunderbird was the first hammock I designed from start to finish. I’ve learned a lot since this first build!! Check out the full review:

Raven Review
by Chet Volz 

Chet does a great job here running through the features of our Raven hammock.

Dream Hammock Sparrow Review
by Triple Nickel Outdoors

I am so impressed with my new Sparrow that I wanted to showcase some of its features.

Darien Review
by Spiguyver Backpacking 

A very thorough review of a 1.2oz MTN Darien hammock.

An inside look @ Dream Hammock
by Blue Jay

Blue Jay came to visit us in the workshop the other day. A good way to see where your hammocks are built.

Installing a ridgeline organizer on a Dream Hammock
by Triple Nickel Outdoors 

An informative how-to video showing how the ends are gathered and assembled.

New Loop D Loop hardware
by Lawson Equipment

We picked up a few of these the other day and thought they were pretty nice. Take a peek and see if you'd like us to add them to your Dream Hammock.

Review of our Raven hammock
... Whooooo Buddy)))) 

Shug Emery gives us a good look at his Raven hammock

Dream Hammock Darien review
by Irish Zombie Nation

Our friend Leo is back with a full review of his Darien hammock. He got a nice double layer hammock in the 1.6oz HyperD fabric and added a few customizations to make it his own. Take a peek.

4th Annual Lighthouse Tour and Lobster Hang  Sep 8 - 10, 2017

Here's a sneak peek at our raffle donation. A custom Sparrow hammock made with a special OutdoorINK fabric created just for this event. Click here for more information about this wonderful hang up in Phippsburg, ME

Review of our Raven hammock 

Here's a review on our Raven hammock recently completed by a fellow Ohio hanger Blue Jay. Give it a watch if you get a moment.

Dream Hammock in the wild??? ...well, actually in NYC.

Proud to have a custom Dream Hammock displayed at Texworld 2017. The good folks down at Ripstop By The Roll attended Texworld recently and took one of our hammocks to show off the OutdooINK fabrics.

OutdoorINK® Fallen Leaves Dark Green  See for yourself.

Here's an awesome looking Sparrow hammock we built using some printed 1.6oz HyperD fabric. It's a double layer with the 1.6oz HyperD diamond ripstop on the inside. Very flat laying and solid feeling hammock.